What to Expect as a Participant

There are 4 separate appointments, all located at OSU’s main campus. Each appointment lasts approximately 3 to 5 hours.

Screening: A 10-15 minute screening over the phone to ensure eligibility.

Clinical Interviews: A mix of in-person and online questionnaires covering a broad range of psychological and health related measures.

Neurocognitive Assessment: Administered in-person on an iPad. Involves many small tasks designed to assess cognitive variables like memory, executive functioning, and attention.

Blood draw: Will take place at Dodd Hall (part of the medical center) and be performed by a qualified medical technician or nurse. The blood tests involved require the participant to fast the day of the test, so we will schedule these early in the morning and provide a snack afterwards.

Accelerometer: For approximately one week, participants would be required to wear an accelerometer to measure average activity as well as sleep.

Fitness: We will ask for a brief medical history to ensure it is safe to participate in each part of the fitness testing. Participants who qualify for the fitness portion of the study would be performing activities like riding an exercise bike, walking, balancing on a foam and firm surface, completing strength tests, and measuring body composition.

MRI: We will screen participants on the phone beforehand, as well as the day of, to ensure a participant is safe to go in for the MRI scan. Participants will perform a variety of cognitive tasks within the MRI.

Compensation: We understand that this is a very involved study. As our appreciation for our participants’ time, participants will be compensated $10/hr for all activities except for the MRI. For the MRI, participants have the choice of getting compensated $25/hr or receiving a 3D-print out of their brain.

If you’d like to screen yourself for eligibility, please click here or follow the link below: